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Architects/Designers: 10+, ComLSI & partner resources (team capabilities)
  Comprehensive design infrastructure for translating specifications for custom
analog/mixed-signal and digital chips into fabrication-ready physical layout
  Team has designed and managed multiple analog chip efforts
  Work on design remotely or at customer locations where required
Fab/Assembly interface capability

Experienced in interfacing with commonly used foundries
  Manage any packaging necessary
Silicon Validation

Wafer or die testing interface / assistance as needed
Low-Cost Virtual Design Center VDC Enquiry Form
Customer-dedicated, ComLSI-managed VDC
  ComLSI partners with an HR Consultancy firm in Bangalore, India for the setup
and operation of virtual design centers (VDC’s)
  ComLSI and partner manage:

Design center hard infrastructure (facilities, utilities, etc.) located, leased
  Computing infrastructure and CAD as needed
  All HR and administrative tasks, including Recruitment, Retention, Payroll, Accounting, Training and Management Skills Development
Team virtually part of Customer
  Work only on Customer projects or on related skills development
  Interfaces with ComLSI during design activities, leads may participate in Customer / ComLSI
chip architectural activities
  For the duration of the VDC retention, ComLSI will not take on another VDC for the
same or substantially similar area of design
  ComLSI ramps and runs the center, funded by an Customer group
  VDC employees may, after a duration of work on Customer projects, be hired directly into Customer
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